by Park Jefferson

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Recorded in Mike Mellen's basement in October of 2011.


released October 24, 2011

Guitar/Vocals: Nick Stutsman
Drums: Ozzy Albor
Bass: Dave Purcell


all rights reserved



Park Jefferson Michigan, Indiana

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Track Name: Weekdays
January came. And January left.

I’m still clinging to every word you said.

It’s been too long since I last saw you.

What’s a boy to do?

This roof is caving through.

We’ll wipe the sleep from our eyes and drive for hours just to make us feel alright.

When it’s all said and done I love you and I miss you and I hope you know that.
Track Name: Monuments
I thought I’d write to you and let you know that I’m still dramatic and sixteen.

I thought I’d call you and tell you that I’m still miserable without you.

I thought I could find you in the bottom of a plastic cup but, like we both know,

nothing ever helps the swelling inside our chests.

There’s nothing left.

So we’ll visit our love like a long lost monument, forever forgotten.

Part of me won’t finish this story,

I’m holding on but you won’t hold on for me.


Poor me, Poor me.

Now my letters have all been returned so I sit around this fire and let them burn.

I can’t sing this song any longer.

I’m done with all this childish nonsense.
Track Name: Cowboys
I’ve been feeling better lately but I know it won’t last for long.

i’ve been tracing every inch of your body with my fingertips, ‘cause i know it won’t last for long.

so give me one good reason why i shouldn’t turn and leave.

the kids in the basement, dancing with demons.

i can’t rid this taste from my mouth.

searching for something, holding to nothing.

i don’t want to wake up now.

breathing slowly, softly, barely breathing.
Track Name: Couches
I’ve been smoking out of boredom.

And i’ve been sleeping on the couch.

When you call I’ll be right here waiting just like every day.

I hope the west coast treats you well,

and I hope that someday you’ll realize

what i’ve realized.

Give it some time to play itself out,

you will be the last one that I tell that I still love you.

Promise me you’ll be good to yourself.

Promise me that you and I will talk.

About what you’ve done here.

I will not forgive you this time,

you and I will be forgotten just like

I told you we would.
Track Name: Astronauts
I can't shake this constant headache. On my back, just like always. The cold air tearing up my fucking lungs once again.

Nights alone. These are the last ones, love.

One day I swear we'll be okay - when this winter is over and we're rid of this cold air. One day we'll be together again. When I've finally grown up and you decide to move home.

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